Small Paradise, Ngandong Beach

Before i tell you how beautifull this place, let me say sorry cause i rarely update the content on this blog. I’m so busy with my task as a content writer huhu :(. But today, i have a few free time to write new post here. yeay! If you curious, lets read this post!


On last November, exactly 9 of November i went to Ngandong beach with my college friends. We went there by bus. This event was held by Komako (Korps Mahasiswa Komunikasi) and the purpose is to make us more intimate.

Ngandong Beach is located in Gunung Kidul. Yes, it’s one of beautifull beach there. Altough i often spend my holiday time there, but i never went to Ngandong. Before we arrived at Ngandong, we must passed a way upon a hill. It was up and down with the beautifull view like this.

DSCF2467DSCF2476How about the scenery along the way i passed? Beautifull, isn’t it?

Back to Ngandong Beach. Firstly, i didn’t know where is Ngandong Beach. I was so exciting when knew that i didn’t know this place. So i think, it was new for me. But when we arrived, i was surprised. Yeah, i know this place and it made my mood down. Huft.

The location of Ngandong Beach is near of Sundak and Indrayanti Beach. I have gone to Sundak and Indrayanti for 3 times. Eventhough the location is near from Sundak and Indrayanti, but i never spent my holiday here. When i left the bus and walk to beach, i was surprising. Voilaaaa the sand here has the different texture with Sundak or Indrayanti. If at Sundak the sand is coarse, then at Ngandong the sand is smooth. I love it, cause it didn’t make my feet feel sick.




Not only have smooth sand, but also Ngandong Beach has the gradation water. Getting to middle the sea, the water getting deep blue. Ohh it was look like a paradise. Beside that, Ngandong Beach was not crowded as Indrayanti or Sundak. May be because of it,Β  this beach was cleaner than others.

DSCF2488If you have a chance to visit Yogyakarta, please don’t forget to visit Gunung Kidul. There are some beautifull beaches which have beautifull view for your holiday. πŸ™‚

See You!


6 respons untuk β€˜Small Paradise, Ngandong Beach’

  1. Kalau Boleh Tau biaya perjalanan nya berapa ya?
    kalau dari bandara SoeTa atau bandara di bandung,

    dan berapa jam,?
    serta naik apa sajah,
    kemudian di sana ada penginapan atau tidak?

    Terima kasih mbak πŸ™‚


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